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Battery Pack AKEEM Review: Best solar charger for Iphone & Android devices

Battery Pack AKEEM

Technology is growing at a rapid phase than expected. More and more innovative products launch day in and day out. One among those are these solar powered power banks with multiple functions. These include functions like a flashlight, cigarette lighter etc. It plays a vital role by helping you keep in touch with the outside world as it can recharge itself during the day with the help of solar panel and charge the other devices, even during night hence portable solar power banks are part of survival gear.

Battery Pack AKEEM

Among the lot, AKEEM is an Asian brand that stands out with its innovative features and long-lasting battery life. Even though the brand is relatively not known on a large scale it is gaining popularity with its superb solar power bank.

Battery Pack AKEEM Review

Build & Design:

With AKEEM solar, quality is what you get inside and out. The 22000mAh battery’s external shell is made out of fire-resistant thermoplastic alloy (UL94 V-0). The core consists of a high-density and high-volt Li-polymer battery made by the same manufacturer as the iPhone and undergoes rigorous safety and quality tests.


The newly improved portable charger with 22000mAh capacity high-density Li-polymer battery will take any power need you throw at it and will last a whole week without power socket, whether you use it for yourself or share it with your friends. When the power bank is finally empty, it is recommended to recharge the battery pack which takes roughly about 10-12 hours depending on whether you’re using a 5V /2A or 2.4 ac adapter. When it comes to efficiency it will outlast both conventional Li-polymer batteries and 18650 cells offering great performance and protection. This should be enough even if you are long-term camp or hiking outside in the forest or mountains.


Lighting & Micro USB dual input:

For quite some time iPhone users have suffered the hassle of carrying two different cables when buying a non-apple product. For example, power banks, Bluetooth speaker & headphone etc., because they had to carry a lighting cable for their device and micro USB cable for charging the auxiliary device.

But whoever designed AKEEM solar power bank has definitely thought about it and has given its users two inputs with 2.1 A rather than the traditional 1A. So no matter whether you own an iPhone or Android device you can charge the power bank with it.

Quick Charging:

More the merrier term suits this device as it has three 5 volt 2.1A outputs. Hence you can charge the device not only faster but also a number of devices can be charged.

Solar panel:

Although it recommended to fully charge the power bank before outdoor use, the power bank is equipped with a compact solar panel. This can charge the battery via sunlight and with 8% conversion obtained from the solar panel which will offer enough juice for emergency situations or when outdoors. However, due to the limited surface of the solar panel, charging is comparatively slow to recharge with solar.

LED indication:

The power bank has a LED indicator display which shows the remaining power when charging. It has three colours red, blue and white to help indicate at which state of charge the solar power bank is. If it’s red it’s between zero and forty per cent, blue forty to eighty per cent and white is eighty to hundred per cent. If its white light and not flashing when you’re charging it means it’s full but if it’s flashing in whichever colour it means it’s in a charging state. This will make sure that you are aware of to be power at all times and have sufficient power to recharge other devices.


Battery capacity: 22000mAh

Device output: 5V / 2.1A

Device Input: 5V / 2.1A

Solar panel: 5V / 200mAh


The solar power bank will automatically recognize the mobile devices and become compatible with them. It will identify the voltage settings and automatically adjust to the output setting of your device. So charging from the power bank is done at full speed.


The voltage setting adjusts automatically to ensure quick charge. It has a safe over-current, over-charging and short-circuit protection. Hence it won’t constantly charge your phone which guarantees the safety of the portable charger and your phones.


AKEEM provides a 24 months warranty which not only brings in more customers but also safeguards their trust in the brand, hence it is reliable.


The solar panel is meant to extend the battery life during emergency use. Hence it is not advisable to use it to recharge the solar power bank. However, the solar power bank is only ninety per cent efficient. Ten per cent accounts for power loss through the heat of the circuit and voltage conversion. So keep away from high temperature and other liquids like water as this is not waterproof. Charge the device at least once in sixty days, using the original cable or a certified third-party cable will ensure the longevity of the device.

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