10 Best Cat Litter in 2019 (Review & Guide)


The hygiene of any human being starts from his household.

Whenever you fail to make your house clean, your life will be endangered hygienically. Keeping the house clean will not only benefit the people living in it.

best cat litter

It will also be of benefit to the pets and animals that are reared in the home.

However, we found out that on many occasions, these pets may be the cause of dirt in our homes because of their droppings. But when they are properly trained, they could also abide by our hygiene rules.

The cats are some of the mostly kept pets in the house, and they are very sensitive pets. They are so sensitive that they always want to take care of their feces when they defecate. They are irritated by the smell of their urine and that of their feces, and these may sometimes cause them some infections and irritation.

In the bid to guard against this, cats in the house must be kept with proper litter system. These letter systems most involve boxes with either clay, fibrous, or wooden granules, with solutions that are meant to absorb the urine and feces of the cats and cover their odor with their scents.

However, there is an avalanche of types of litters in the market of today. Some of them are great in certain functions. But on a general note, selecting the best litter for your cat may be a very huge onerous task.

You have to look at the quality of the litter in question and the material that was used to produce the cat litter. You also have to consider your cat and whether the litter material irritates it. The cost of the litter is to be considered. The accessories it comes with and some other things will also come into play.

The level of odor it retains, the level of clumpiness, how long it lasts, and other factors are also very important when you are on the market in search of the best litter. That is why we have taken the time to x-ray the best 10 litters in the market today, so that you can have something to work with when choosing.

What Makes the Best Cat Litter?

When selecting the best litter, you must make both general and particular considerations. The cats are always very choosy about the litters used on their boxes.

So, you must select the formula that will not pose any health dangers to your cat. This takes a lot of studying to understand. One thing you have to understand though is that even though cats can prove to be very difficult pets to keep and handle, when it comes to maintenance, you don’t need much to maintain them.

They are not pets that will need you to stay with them for a very long time, caress them all the time to establish affection between owner and pet, or take them on a walk regularly.

The best litter for your cat no doubt will be that litter that does the work of trapping as much odor and liquid that comes its way as possible without generating dusts. The cats in question take nothing more seriously than their cleanliness.

That is why you will see them groom themselves all day. Whenever it is time for them to do their business, they will go in search of their litter box for this. Even in the natural setting where no litter boxes are provided, you will hardly come across their feces. This is because they will always cover them with sands whenever they drop them.

The options to choose from are many. But because of the fact that each cat has their preferences, things like the texture of the litter material, the level of absorbency, and the fragrance that it gives out, should all determine the one you go for. So, whenever you get a cat litter that comes with the texture, fragrance, material and level of absorbency that your cat prefers, the trapping ability and the ability not to generate tons of dust will now be the deciding factors.

Types of Cat Litter

Below is a comprehensive review of brands and products. Read through and choose the best from the list.

Top 10 Best Cat Litter Reviews:

  1. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Litter – Most Dust Free Litter

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The Multi-Cat Litter from the stable of Arm and Hammer came off as one of the best after our investigation. We tested this product, and after our testing, we realized that its dust free rate is 100%. This is one cat litter that will give you no odors for at least 7 days no matter the amount of droppings and urine it takes in. it comes with a formula that is completely patented to the producer, and this works to destroy all odors.

This is made possible by the heavy duty odor eliminators, coupled with the Arm and Hammer baking soda. The clumping ability of the cat litter could only be described as top notch, as it is rock hard in nature. The waste is tightly sealed by the moisture-activated Micro-Granules that the litter is made off. So, it is very easy to scoop the litter, because it is made with particles that were derived from plants. The odors are destroyed even before they leave the litter box. We reckon that when you have a cat litter than is 100% dust free, you have something that is near-perfect. This makes it a huge favorite.


  • Offers 100% dust free service
  • Rock solid clumps on the waste
  • Very easy to scoop because of the amazing clumping ability
  • Light and very pleasant scent
  • The litter remains fresh for up to one week


  • May present an artificial and offensive odor
  1. Fresh News Paper Cat Litter Multi-Cat Litter – Highly Absorbent Litter

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The Fresh-News Cat Litter simply gives you the level of freshness that comes with fresh news. This is a multi-cat litter, and we found out that it offers 99% dust free service. It comes with moisture locking granules that offer a much reduced amount of tracking. This is reduced to the barest minimum and the litter box odor is completely eliminated, bringing in a fresh fragrance into your home.

This is designed as a very effective ammonia locker in all ramifications. Its production is something that makes it imperative that people should patronize it. It is actually made from post-consumer recycled paper materials. So, you are looking at a product that is 100% non-allergenic.

When you realize that the cat is one of the pets that suffer allergies more than others, you will see the goodness in this product. It absorbs 3 times more liquid than clay, and is biodegradable when used in form of compost. The eco-system friendly nature of this gives it an edge over others according to our rating.


  • Very environmental friendly
  • Dust emission is reduced by 99%
  • It has a color that makes it easy for owners to monitor their cats
  • Leaves less mess on the flour than clay litters
  • Very easy to sweep and scoop particles


  • Rooms may smell like urine when it loses its fragrance
  • The smell, some complain, is not very powerful
  1. Nature’s Miracle NM-5428 Intense Defense Fragrance Free Clumping Clay Litter – Most Odor Free Litter

cat litter

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This product is coming from a manufacturer that has a strong name. However, it is left to be seen if it is as strong as its name. The product from Natures Miracle has what is termed a Bio-Enzymatic odor control system. With this, the entire odors from ammonia, feces, and urine are completely eliminated and overpowered.

It helps to keep your cat at home and in its box because it will perceive none of those. It takes care of these odors on contact, and this prevents them from spreading any further in the house. When you come into a house where this is kept, everywhere will smell freshly and no one will ever suspect that a cat litter is somewhere around the corner.

This is achieved with the help of the bentonite it comes with. It does not remove some of the odors. Rather, it takes care of the entire stuff.  When it comes to wetness, it locks it in completely, no matter the degree. This is because of its super absorbent properties. The next attribute of this amazing product is the fact that it has an intense clumping formula. This is so effective that total clumping happens within a twinkle of an eye. With this, it becomes very easy to clean the litters. The odor control function of this piece is actually its strong point, and this makes it a great choice for anyone.


  • Comes with fine grain sand
  • The smell of urine is properly controlled
  • It relaxes in the litter box well, so tracking is not a problem here


  • The smell of feces may not be properly controlled
  • If the litter tracks or leaves the cat box, cleaning it becomes difficult
  1. Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System, 1 Kit 9.3 pounds – Most Accessorized Litter

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This package from the Purina firm does not only come with the litter pellets; it also includes some other materials in the package.  You will get absorbent litter pads that will make it easy for you to clean the litter without leaving any mess behind.

The litter pellets has the ability to filter solid wastes, so that it could be very easy to remove them from the box.

The pellets do not track too. So the surroundings of the litter box, and the entire home is saved the mess that tracking normally causes. With the nature of this litter and the box, you will not have to worry much about your cat’s droppings and urine. When you buy this litter, you will enjoy up to 99% freedom from dust.

This is mostly recommended for homes that have many cats, as the pads helps eliminate excessive moisture in the boxes through absorption. This keeps the litter box with a very fresh fragrance for up to 7 days. The accessories it comes with are great, and it covers more than one cat. These seem to be its strongest points.


  • Reduces the risk of dust absorption by 99%
  • Many cats fall in love with it at first experience
  • Scooping is very easy with this litter


  • The pellets are a bit heavy and can break the cat’s poo into smaller pieces, making it difficult to scoop
  • Could develop a smell after one month
  • The shape makes it uncomfortable for cats to use it
  • Many people don’t like the refill system
  1. PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills with Non Clumping Crystal Litter – Litter With Amazing Rake Feature

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Do you have cats that are very sensitive? If the answer to this question is yes, then here lies the ideal litter for your cats. The product from PetSafe comes completely free of dyes and perfumes. This simply is the perfect type of litter for any cat that is sensitive.

It is also the ideal type for the sensitive owners that would have been unsettled by the odor of the dyes and perfumes. When you have this in your home, the crystals involved will absorb the cats’ urine and dry the solid wastes entirely.

This is followed by the automatic cleaning of the litter by the automatic rake after 20 minutes, to get the waste into the waste trap which is properly covered.  When it comes to odor control, it does it 5 times better than the traditional clay litters.

The tracking ability of this is very low, and you will enjoy up to 99% dust free service from it. When you buy this, you also have the chance to enjoy the leak proof tray which could be cleaned easily through the lid. This is also disposable. Because of the nature of the litter, the quantity necessary will be 5 to 10 times lower than that of the clay and clumping type at any point in time.

This is recommended because the odors are reduced by the covered waste trap made possible by the automatic rake feature. It is a hands free product that you just load, plug in and allow to work on its own for weeks.


  • 100% consideration of safety and health
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Works without your input for days
  • Very easy to use
  • The lavender scent is wonderful
  • Cats don’t carry the litter around the house


  • It comes with a flimsy box
  • The price is seen as very high by some customers
  • May not last as long as people expect
  1. Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter 40 pound bag – Double Solution Formula

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This simply justifies the name that it goes by. When you look at the fact that when you buy this, you will be getting a cat litter that comes with a very unique formulation-something you have never experienced in a cat litter before, you will be motivated to buy.

Here, the medium clay particles are mixed with the popular non tracking heavy granules that all classic litters are made off. The simple explanation is that with this, you will have the chance to enjoy double advantages at all times.

The result you will get from this solution is a litter that clumps excellently and which will also not allow any form or degree of moisture to get to the bottom of the tray upon which the litter is poured.  When you have a lot of cats in your home, you will have this as one of the most preferable cat litters.

If you have the mechanical liter boxes or the sifting models, you must get this litter because it works well with them and on them. It also offers the level off odor control that the classic cat litters give. When it comes to the dust retention nature of this, it is 99% dust free, and this is among the best you can have.

There are no plant proteins here, it is hypoallergenic and there are no perfumes or deodorants that may irritate your cats. The double formula that this is made of is really working. That is why we picked it as one of the best 10. The solution combines well for a better service.


  • 99 percent dust free litter
  • Clumps perfectly
  • Combines two formula for effective services
  • The odor is not just controlled, it is eliminated
  • There is no weird scent from the litter


  • New bags may be dusty, so be careful while buying
  • Difficult to remove from the pan because of the sticky nature
  1. SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter 20-Pound – Friend Of The Environment

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When you have the SmartCat litter, it is supposed to offer smarter services than the others. In the bid to find out about this, we tried the litter.

The things we can confirm are that the clumping happens on contact, and when this happens, it continues till it is sure that the entire urine has been completely absorbed. So, just a few minutes of the cat leaving the litter box, the clumps could be scooped easily without qualms.

Because of this formula, it is among the litter boxes that could be easily cleaned few seconds after use, making it one of the cleanest you will find in homes. It is also among the dust free litters of the present day. You will not have problems of dust with it, as we discovered. Because of the very quick clumping nature of this litter, you won’t have any problems with odor.

This is because the bacteria that causes the odor is trapped when the feces and urine is clumped. This eliminates the odor entirely.  This coupled with the fact that there are no dusts and litter residues, makes it impossible for respiratory related problems to occur.

When it comes to acceptability, it is one of those that most cats fall in love with. This is because of the fact that it has this very creamy sand like look. Most of the cats will believe they are doing their business on the natural sands when they look at the litter.

The texture is mostly acceptable to many cats. Because of this, it is easy to transition from your old litter to the new one. It is also light in weight.

The weight is half the weight of other cay litters. So, you can carry this with half of the strength you used to lift the litters that are made of clay.  This is made from grass, and we have not seen any attribute that beats that. So, they are free of all chemicals, fragrance, and clay. They are also renewable and biodegradable. The nature of this and its clumping ability makes it one of the best.

Here is the review video of SmartCat Natural Clumping Litter.


  • Very fast in clumping
  • Has a very light weight when compared to clay and others
  • Made of 100% grass materials
  • Has no smell or odor at all


  • It scatters in a very terrible manner
  • It gets into the toes of the cat and tracks
  • It is a bit too expensive
  • Because it is made of grass, some cats eat it
  1. World’s Best Cat Litter, Clumping, 8-Pounds – Best Clumping Litter

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This is advertised as a very powerful formula that is also concentrated, and so, we tried it out.  This also has the capacity to clump on contact according to our discovery. This comes with not even a single ammonia smell, and the one it is designed with is very easy to clean up. This litter is one of the best for homes with just one or two cats.

Apart from the two major qualities of easy and fast clumping and minimization of the odors, this does not accumulate or retain dust. From tests conducted with this, it was discovered that it does not track.  Now, when you look at the formulation of some products, you cannot but fall in love with them.

Instead of the clay formula and some others, this goes completely natural. The producer has a patent which involves the use of naturally absorbent corn compressed into concentrated granules.  These have the ability to trap odor and clump tightly on contact. That is the technology behind this and it works well. It is in this list because it is too natural and innovative and ecofriendly not to be.


  • Too natural not to be embraced
  • Cats like it so much because it has no chemicals
  • It does not stink at all
  • No fears of asthma because it is dust free


  • It can stick to the cat’s paws
  • It can stick to their urine and poo
  • It’s a bit costly
  • It can track
  1. ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter, Clumping 19.8 pounds – Most Cat Friendly Litter

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This is another natural litter that stands in the same class as those we have applauded. Through our tests, we discovered that this formula from ökocat gives one of the best performances. This is one that provides a very natural environment that is healthy for the cat and its owner, due to its natural ingredients. This is made of wood fiber that is 100% renewable and biodegradable.

This prevents pollution of the environment and sustains the ecosystem. With no chemical additives, this is able to bind and trap odors and liquids for a very long time. There are no scents, no dyes, and no harmful materials on this formula. Of course, you know how wood fiber smells so good and absorbs through its capillary system.

With this higher level of absorbency, you will enjoy a drier litter for a much longer time. Because it clumps well, it is very easy to clean, and this saves time and money. The coniferous is antimicrobial, and this kills and fights bacteria growth for weeks, translating into a cleaner home.

This is one litter that is very gentle on the body of the cats, and because of this, it is recommended. It is very good on the environment even when it is very effective in clumping and odor control, so it stands out as one of the best.


  • Superior clumping ability
  • Controls odor for more than 7 days
  • Flushable and completely biodegradable
  • Highly absorbent


  • It is a bit pricey as many complain
  • It leaves some tracks as it could stick to the cat’s leg
  1. Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter – Locks Ammonia Away Completely

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The piece from Purina is the second from them in this list, and they are all very good formulas.  The Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance clumping cat litter controls odors round the clock. Because of this, you can use this for more than one cat.

It is designed with the TidyLock Protection which does the job of ensuring that ammonia is locked away completely.  With this, the odor of urine and poo is eliminated once the entire thing is clumped. With this, you will have a fresh smelling litter box and home all the time. Because it is high on clumping, it is also very easy to clean the litter box.

The scooping of the box is not a problem here because everything is clumped and held in place for you. It is a very easy to use item and comes with a very high absorbent ability that keeps the litter box not only odor free, but also dry at all times.

It is made with a combination of natural clay and some deodorizing system. This is completely natural in all angles, even though it is made of clay.


  • Ammonia, urine, and poo smell are locked away through the TidyLock Protection system
  • Moisture absorbent to make the box comfortable for cats
  • Clumping is on the high side here
  • Odor control is done 24/7
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • The smell is very great


  • May smell even when it is scooped daily

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Cat Litter Buying guide

There are many things involved in selecting the rightful litter as we have stated above. Now, for you to get it right, you have to consider all of these. That is when you can vouch for the litter you are getting to be the best for your cat.

Now, many people may think that the best litter is anyone that their cat will like. But this is not the case. Getting the best litter entails buying something you, the cat, and the entire household will be comfortable with. So, below is the best buyers’ guide you must always have in mind when you step out in search of the litter to use.

The Litter Box

When you view it from a not too critical angle, it may seem as if the litter box has nothing to do with the litter you get, and how it works. But for your litter to work well, you must have it in a good box.

So, the box will also determine how better the litter will serve the cat. If you have a small cat for instance, make sure the box you are getting for the litter will be the type that your cat easily gets into and out off at will without any difficulties. This is the first point of consideration. However, if you have the type of cat that is big enough to maneuver through spaces, then getting the type of litter box that will have a removable lid may be the best option this will enhance the level of privacy that the cat will enjoy.

Dust Free Level

One of the major reasons why you are getting a litter box or even the litter for your cat is because you want it to lead a clean life and to avoid dirt, dust, and other particles that can pollute the environment, irritate the cat, make it sick or uncomfortable, or harm it. You don’t want a situation where what you are running away from by getting the litter is caused by the litter itself. So, make sure the litter you are getting is the type that does not groom or emit dusts and dirty particles.

Odor Control Level

This is a very essential part of the litter that one shouldn’t take lightly. Whether the litter box is in a concealed place or outside, and whether you are living in a very large home, you don’t need these odors.

So, you are advised to go for the litter that has the odor control feature. But the matter now is how many days or how long does it conceal, hide, or eliminate the odor. Now, you must understand that the sense of smell of the cat is way bigger than that of every other animal. So, they can easily perceive any bad odor and run away from it.

If you want your cat to be making constant use of the litter and to be at home with it, you should get the litter that does not mask or conceal the odor, but the one that eliminates it. However if you must go with the scented ones, you should know whether your cat is irritated by the scents or not. Crystal or silica gel litters may do a good job against the odors. But they may be a bit costly. Consider this very seriously before you buy.

Clumping Ability

When you must have ascertained the level of dust free nature of your litter, which is supposed to be at least 90%, then you consider the level of clumping that the litter does.

Now, there is clumping and non-clumping litter. But the fact remains that in all situations, the clumping solution is the best for you. So, it is given that you will always go for the one that clumps. What matters in choosing is the level of clumping that will be involved. The litter comes with betonite which does the function of absorbing urine.

This creates a very solid clump to ensure that the environment remains dry and clean. This also makes the cleaning very easy for you. But if for any reason you want to go for the old school non clumping type, then you should be ready to have the urine pool at the bottom of the litter when your cat urinates.

Sensitivity Issues

Cats are very sensitive. They are sensitive to the people around them, to what they perceive, to what they eat, what they touch, what they see, and everything around them. So, you must ensure that the material, the contents, or the solution of the litter is one that will not irritate their kitty paws.

Packaging and Cost

Of course, there is no way you can make this choice without considering the product packaging and cost. These are issues that may not affect your cat.

But they will definitely affect you. You don’t have all the money in the world, and therefore will go for something that will be affordable to you and yet offer the needed service. You are also a human being and aesthetics will always appeal to you.

So, the packaging matters.  The number of times you intend to change the litter contents is important. You need to carry the litter around. It will be stored in your home for the refill, and you need something that is manufactured with ingredients that you are not allergic to too.

Self-Cleaning or Flushable

These are two types of liters that are prevalent now.  The self-cleaning litter is the type that comes with a mechanism that allows a sensor to activate the self-cleaning function a few second after use.

When this happens, the litter is packed and sent to an enclosure below the litter tray by a rake. While this may be good because you don’t have to clean it yourself till after some days or weeks, it may not be good for those with cats that do not like noise.

This is because the sensor makes a lot of noise while working and the moving parts also makes noise.

The flushable type is the one that could be flushed in the toilet. The manufacturers produce this with materials that could be flushed.

However, before you buy this type of litter, you have to ensure that the regulations for waste management in your area approves of this.

Depth of the Litter

If you are getting a litter with a tray, you should look at the tray and see the depth of the place where the litter will be dropped. The standard depth of the litter should be about 3cm. Something deeper may be better, but it may not be great if it is shallower.

Type of Cat

When you hit the market, call the type of cat you have at home to mind before picking a solution. If you fail to consider this, you may make a mistake.

Cats that have experienced ancestral living environments tend to prefer what they have experienced before. So, you may have the clay or sand type as the better option for them. They may run away from litters with scents and strong odor.

Tracking Level

Now, you can’t buy a litter if you are not sure of the level of tracking it gives, and in this case, it shouldn’t track. Your cats will not be comfortable with tracking litters.

You will not be comfortable with it, and other people around you, plus your house will not be comfortable with it. The best litters should be made with materials that will make them remain in the litter box that is meant for them and not on the cats’ paws.

Consider this seriously because you don’t want the cat littering the entire house with the litter because it tracks. This will create another job of constant cleaning of the house for you.

Changing a Litter

If you wish to transition from one type of litter to the other, you must do this in a gradual way. If you make it so sudden, you may chase the cat away from the litter. Because of this, you must start by mixing the new or preferred litter with the old one that the cat is used to. Start by adding small amount of the new one and much of the old, and switch ways until you stop putting the old one at all. The cat will adapt when the process is slow and steady, than when it is very abrupt and urgent.

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Getting the best litter for your cat depends on many factors. All of them must be considered while shopping, since none of them is more important than the other. However, the things that affect the comfort of your cat and your personal preference and comfort should be the determining actors.

The 10 cat litters we presented above are the best in the market according to our research, and from them, you will definitely find one that will serve you perfectly.


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