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Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair Review : An Ergonomic Revolution

classic Aeron Task Chair

The Untold story::

The Herman Miller Aeron is considered as an ergonomic revolution when it was first launched in the 90’s. It was designed in 1992 and was launched in 1994. Herman Miller was able to survive the dotcom bust of 2000, as Aeron chair generated enough revenue to keep them afloat.  

classic Aeron Task Chair

Many consider it to be a tailor made throne to Silicon Valley vanities as it was the best engineering money can buy. It is the only one which created a revolution and recognizable brand among the cabin dwellers but little do they know that it set out to be an unexpected fruit of a ten year long effort to create furniture for the elderly.

Yes the origins of the great Aeron chair came from the Sarah chair which was part of Metaforms project in 1988. The Sarah work was reborn in a project of an office chair that came to be called the Aeron. Its designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick didn’t know that they have created something that would immediately be a runaway success. It was named after the Celtic god Aeron also referring to aeration, one of its main features. It is one among the best office chair for back pain.

Technical Info Details of Herman Miller:

Build Quality:

One of the secrets of success of Aeron chair is the material they used in it. Don Chadwick a prodigy of material design worked closely with manufacturers to invent a fabric called pellicle. The fabric Pellicle was designed capable of bearing such loads for long period of time. The chair was made out of 53% of recycled materials and the chair itself was recyclable up to 94% which consists of plastic and composite materials.

Remastered and into the zones:

With updates like more refined built tilt mechanism, adjustable posturefit SL and 8Z Pellicle suspension the chair has incorporated two decades worth of technological and ergonomic performance capabilities. The innovative suspension by pellicle material, eliminated circulation-restricting pressure points and stretched the boundaries of materials design. 8Z pellicle pushes it even further across the seat and back with 8 latitudinal zones. These zones are of varying tension as they are tightest at the edges and more relaxed where the body makes contact and improves the comfort and ergonomic support for the person sitting in it.

Comfortable & Cool:

By getting rid of the foam and fabric, Aeron chair solved one of the biggest problems of sitting in a posture for hours, the heat build-up and humidity close to body. While many chairs have adopted mesh to cater with this issue, pellicle allows body heat, water vapour and air to pass through the seat maintaining a cool temperature.

Combined comfort & Stance:

The body is considered to be strongest when it’s in a standing posture (chest open and pelvis tilted slightly forward) it’ll be better off sitting that way too. Posturefit SL does exactly that by adjusting individual pads and support the lumbar region. All the enhancements of the chair are designed to work together in order to give the most comprehensive support to the human body. Together Posturefit SL and 8Z pellicle create total spinal support that moves the skeletal system into a position that provide ultimate support both when sitting still and active.

Recline & Relax:

This kind of active support is provided even when reclined. Through the updated tilt mechanism to ensure users are of at in their at most comfort be it any position as staying in one position reduces natural pumping action of muscles that provide nutrients to the spinal discs.  A seamless shift enables people to shift from upright to full-recline smoothly. In the remastered version the frame angle has been adjusted 1.8 degrees forward for better support of the body across wide range of postures.

Design of the chair:

The main point is to expose the Sarah chair’s mesh structural support and the idea that mesh fabric would prevent pressure points that caused heat build –up and long term discomfort for people who sit in office for hours together. The Iconic form has remained largely unchanged, the Aeron chair has been remastered from the casters up.

Healthy Performer:

With the introduction of the Aeron chair, its designers proved that a chair doesn’t have to be boring or just something for you to sit in it. Instead they designed in a way, by sitting in it can actually be better for your health.

Aeron’s cross performance design helps it to be used by people in a wide range of environments, from forward-facing office activities to relaxed contemplative recline while watching a movie at home it suits a wide array of functions.

Materials & Size:

Aeron comes is three sizes A (small), B (medium) and C (large) to provide comfort and that inclusive fit based on ends-to-the-middle approach because one size does not fit all people. Aeron comes in three colour palettes after various testing. Graphite being the darkest and resembling the original Aeron. For people who want a balanced and neutral look that works well in warm and cool environments equally.  Finally the lightest is Mineral which is ideal for today’s more open office setup.



DimensionsSize ASize BSize CSize D

*All sizes are in multi-meters

Chair Features:

The chair features details whose spirit began with Sarah chair. One example is the elimination of the hideous and hard to use recline lever found in La Z Boy and replaced with elegant sliders, which were carried over to Aeron.


The chair comes with a twelve year warranty. This however, does not cover second owners and a list of other things. Herman Miller does not warrant scars or wrinkles occurring naturally in leather and veins, marks and cracks found naturally in stone. In addition it also does not warrant defects like colorfastness or matching textiles or from normal wear and tear.

The Aeron chair has given birth to a number of task chairs for Herman Miller and it will continue to do so.

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