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Meguiar’s G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax Review

Among the different types of waxes, the easiest and fastest one to use is the spray form of wax. Meguiar’s ultimate quik wax is the most remarkable spray wax as it is the fastest way to a dazzling, show-car shine. It’s a breeze to use and features Hydrophobic Polymer Technology. Thus making any vehicle’s paint pop with deep, wet-look shine. It delivers amazing results equivalent to that of any liquid or paste wax.

Why use Quik Wax

Although it makes a perfect maintenance wax for existing wax applications it is used mainly for paint protection.

Hence it’s a great way to reinforce the polymer protection on its paint after regular washing.

Therefore its easy to obtains a waxed looked on vehicles without having to use other types of wax.


Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax is a polymer-based spray wax.

It can be applied in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces and yet it leaves no streaking or white residue on plastic trim. It also takes only a fraction of the time to apply Ultimate Quik Wax on any vehicle, compared to applying a traditional paste or liquid wax.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax has a synthetic non-whitening formula that produces amazing results in less than fifteen minutes. You can apply this with spray on and wipe off application. Thus offering a long-lasting protection and relentless water beading from Ultimate Quik Wax in form of a spray wax is pretty unique.

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What is Hydrophobic technology

The word hydrophobic literally means fear of water. So the new technological breakthrough builds an incredible water beading formula on any vehicle’s surface. This causes water to bead up and glide off its paint finish after every wash.

Although it’s new and powerful it wipes off clean for a high shine. Simply mist on and wipe it off to have long-lasting protection and relentless water beading which will last for weeks.


Preps to be made

First and foremost is to start with a clean car. So wash and dry the car or wipe the car clean using a mist and wipe product like quik detailer. Next step is to apply Ultimate Quik Wax onto the surface and spread the product around using a clean, plush microfiber polishing cloth. Fold the cloth or a clean wax applicator pad 4-ways. The secret here is before starting first dampen your microfiber polishing cloth or wax applicator pad with Ultimate Quik Wax.


Start at one section of the vehicle and continue applying Ultimate Quik Wax using your dampened applicator pad or microfiber polishing cloth. Do this until the entire car is covered with a thin coating of wax. In normal temperatures and humidity, Ultimate Quik Wax will dry in just a few moments and will be ready to wipe off.


Wipe off the dried wax by starting where you first applied the product and then move the same direction you applied the wax. Move gently and carefully wiping the dried residue off the paint. Use a separate, clean dry microfiber polishing cloth to remove the dried film of wax.

The Reason

Using a microfiber polishing cloth folded 4-ways provides a thick plush wiping cloth that helps to spread the pressure of your hand out over the surface of the cloth. Also, it gives you 8 sides to wipe with. The reason a dampened cloth or applicator pad works best is because it’s easier to spread out a thin liquid film.

If your cloth is already wet or damp with the product you’re trying to spread out it’ll make the work much easier. If you are using a dry cloth to try to spread out a thin, liquid film then at the same time you’re trying to spread the product onto the surface. The dry cloth is trying to remove or absorb the product off the paint.

Because a dry cloth absorbs liquids, trying to use a dry cloth to spread a liquid will, in essence, result in you fighting yourself. Therefore in the process of trying to spread and leave a liquid in the paint.


  • Brand: Meguiar’s
  • Model: G17516
  • Item weight: 2.2 pounds
  • product dimensions: 4x4x10 inches

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