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Merkury Innovations M-CP310 Review : Best laptop cooling pad

One of the best laptop cooling pads from Merkury Innovations is the M-CP310. It has five-way height adjustment. The high-quality fan ventilates the laptop through a metal mesh and prevents overheating even after prolonged use. The only disadvantage of the cooling pad is that its heavy when compared to its competitors most of which are lightweight.


Build & Design

It has a very simple design and most of the design is really down to having something very useful. There is nothing big on the aesthetic front as its really down to functionality.

The laptop cooling pad is made up of thick black plastic and big metal mesh which provides a large area for cooling.

It also comes with a metal hinge for tilt. The cooling pad is secured with powder paint job making it more robust and impervious to scratches.

Once you place the laptop on the cooling pad there is absolutely no movement. So the rubber pieces on the bottom and the rubberized retention tabs prevent the laptop from actually moving back and forth.

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Height Adjustment

Since ergonomics plays a vital role even for laptop cooler as proper viewing and typing angles can make a huge difference.

The front has a metal hinge, which has a pretty simple mechanism and does a great job keeping everything stable at different angles.

The cooling pad in stock or normal position sits at an angle of 6.5 degrees.

It can also be adjusted further to your desired position with four other angles (19, 30, 38 & 45 degrees).

This provides the best viewing as well as typing angle which relieves your eyes and wrist of stress. Therefore, making it a convenient feature for the user.


The cooling pad has a rubber padding on the bottom which prevents it from moving when working.

When the cooling pad is at an angle (tilt position) the two removable retention tabs make sure the laptop doesn’t fall.

The retention tabs adjust side to side, accordingly to accommodate laptops of different size.

No external power required

One unique feature of the Merkury cooling pad is that is doesn’t require any external power source to run. All it uses is the USB port to plug into the laptop.

Expanded capacity

You can connect your additional accessory like keyboard, mouse or webcam using the cooling pad’s additional port.

This is very useful especially if your laptop does not have multiple USB ports. Also, there is an on/off button which turns the cooling pad on or off.

This is useful when your laptop battery is low on charge and you don’t want the cooling pad to drain it.


Merkury laptop cooling pad is compatible with laptops or notebooks varying from 9″- 17″ inches in size.


Merkury cooling pad doesn’t have much to do with the Aesthetic design. Yet, it has an LED light in the bottom which lights the fan.

It looks nice during low light even though you can’t see it when the laptop is placed over the cooling pad.


The stand has measurements of 10.06 x 9.33 x 6.10 inches. It is reasonable for a scratch pad with a profundity of not more than 9.4 inches.

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