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Opolar LC06 review: Top notch Cooling pad for Gaming

Increasing the laptop cooling is really difficult. It’s not like the desktop where you can simply swap the heatsink. By replacing it with a bigger one or even changing it to water cooling solution. It doesn’t work that way with laptops.

Vacuum cooling system

Laptop cooling pads have been in the market for quite some time but they are not the best you can get. Vacuum cooling fans work in a unique way by attaching themselves on the exhaust vent of the laptops.

So when you think what’s Opolar going to do differently?.

Since Opolar has been in the industry for several years. Hence they have several iterations of their vacuum cooler, which is in the sixth generation (LC-06).

Well to simplify, its basically a vacuum styled fan that you can attach to the outside of exhaust vent of your laptop.

It increases the speed of hot air coming out from it. So it uses a stock heatsink that your laptop already has. But it just increases the airflow that’s coming in and going out of your laptop.

Inside the box

The model LC06 comes with the laptop cooling device, user guide, Micro USB connecting cable which is going to power the device.

There are three rubber shrouds varying in size. You have two types of fitment. One is temporary fitment which will come in handy if you are moving the laptop all the time and a permanent one. It also has a registration card if you want to be a member.

Build & Design

On the cooling device are three different settings.

The on and off switch in the middle and other two buttons are for controlling the speed of the fan.

One increases the speed and another one decreases it. Manufactured in Japan, the bearings are with much higher standards.

The fan is rated over 5000 hours which is more than few laptops themselves.

Also, you can choose from 13 different fan speeds to find the optimal setting with less noise and greater airflow. 70dbh is the sound it produces at maximum speed. It is not more than the usual house fan. Another nice feature is the bright LED temperature display on the side of the vacuum cooler. This shows the temperature of air leaving the laptop.


The installation part is just walk in the park. All one has to do it install the adhesive mount at the bottom of the laptop. Pick the correct exhaust shroud size as it will vary depending on your laptop vent size.

Another important thing in a cooling system is how firmly the fan is attached to the laptop vent. Because you want it to draw air directly from the vents and not from around it. There are three different silicon shrouds with three different thickness (0.75, 0.875 & 1 inch).

Each shroud should be attached to fan at the side of the laptop. The width of the shroud should be matched with the thickness of the laptop in order to provide a perfect seal around cooling port of the laptop. The clamping mechanism is solid so you don’t have to rest the laptop on the desk. the rock-solid clamps allow you to move around freely.


Therefore by attaching to the air outlet, they are able to suck air at a higher velocity than the stock cooling system. Some of the cooling systems have boosted performance by a significant margin. Therefore it increases the performance of the gaming and kept the laptop cool by helping to drop the CPU & GPU up to 5-degree Celsius.


The Opolar laptop cooler LC06 is the best. Because many other laptop coolers just cool the outside of the laptop but this here will get inside of the laptop and cool down the CPU and GPU effectively. The only improvement for the LC06 is to make it quieter.

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